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UWA Consulting Society is proud to present another event of the 2017 UWA Case Study Club. In this event, PIP will present to students on the graduate opportunities offered at Partners in Performance including ‘Why PIP?’, the application process and tips and tricks for case study interviewing. 

This event is vital if you are thinking of applying to PIP for roles in management consulting in 2018/19. They will be showcasing their organisation: what they do; the clients and industries they serve; the results they deliver and how they are different to other management consulting firms. PIP will also outline the opportunities for graduates including what they do day-to-day, the training and development they receive, and the value of starting a career at PIP. The presentation will be delivered by a PIP Principal and will be attended by current consultants who will be available to answer student questions about management consulting and about PIP.

For more information about PIP, visit their website at

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