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UWA Consulting Society is proud to present the first event of the 2017 Consultant Toolkit Series. In this event, we will dive into an introduction to VBA - Visual Basic for Applications.

What is VBA? It is the programming language of not only Excel but also other Office programs such as Power Point and Access. In this workshop we will focus on the application of this programming language in Excel.

Why is it important? VBA enables the user to develop programs that control Excel, so it opens up a world of possibilities and turns Excel into a very powerful tool to solve the most various business problems. Some examples of what is possible to do with this tool are:

•   Automation of tasks

•   Files consolidation

•   Development of dashboards that read from databases and automatically send presentations to users’ e-mails

•   Development of forecasting, optimisation and simulation tools 

•   Development of forms 

What can I expect from this workshop? This will be an introductory class where students will have an overview of how the tool works and will learn how to write simple codes, applying basic control structures and types of variables.

Should I have any previous knowledge? It is recommended to have some previous experience with coding and Excel. But if you have never had exposure to this before and are still keen to participate, take a look at the websites listed below to have an overview of the topic:


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